xinxthexscenex (xinxthexscenex) wrote in kawaiicuties,

*Teenie, tiny!*

Looking for someone to do a tiny swap with! Not in quantity, but in size! I'm looking to do maybe 25 flake stickers, 30 mini-memos, and 3 mini-lettersets (all Kawaii) packaged up in a tiny envie! I have yet to find anyone who has the mini lettersets...waaaa! >< Looking for somebody with postive feedback to check out, somebody who packages their swaps well so they aren't bent in the mail and who sends neat swaps (all decorated and such)! Any takers? This will be a tiny swap, but huge fun! I love getting teenie envies in the mail! Tee-he-he! Check out my page for feedback and info! Thanks! ^.^
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