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I know not many of the members even read these posts any more and have removed this community from their read list because of all the sales posts.
This community is closed now. I actually got mean responses from people who were breaking the rules and when asked not to break the rules they were like "I don't care, other people do it so I'm going to do it."
It really floored me. My last effort will be to list each of these sellers and send their responses out into the sales communities they're posting in. Show people they have an "all for me, F-you" mentality and that ordering from them may also lead to "F-you, I don't care"  type confrontations where you can lose your money and never receive a product.

I am so happy to have made more than 10 international penpals here, almost all of whom I still  speak with and who have really changed my life for the better. Thank you everyone who participated here and sent me great stories about successful penpals. All of the swaps, letters, and art we've done will never be forgotten.

I hope someday to open another community like this. I'm sorry it had to end so suddenly, sadly, and with bitterness.  
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Aww, I'm sorry, I don't think that I've been part of this community too long, and I never got into it. I'm still looking for pen pals, so if you can direct me to a community you know. People are very selfish like that, I'm glad you made good international pen pals, if you ever make another comm. I hope I can find it.
Aww, thats such a shame!

I've been watching this community for ages!