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I'm wondering if anyone wants to swap some kawaii stuff? I just got a whole bunch of new things and am expecting another huge order ^_^

I can swap any of the following things:
-Mechanical pencils
-Memo sheets (Mini, Regular, Die-cut)
-Flake stickers
-Lettersets (singles)
-Deco tape
-Keyboard stickers (Soon)

I have a few people that I was swapping with, but I haven't sent it out yet because I want to send everything out at once ^.^;;;

And my contest for the banners end on Saturday! Anyone who has made a banner and/or is a making a banner, could you PLEASE e-mail me with an attachment?
I will post the winners on Saturday <333
egltkdgirl04 @ yahoo . com
Thank you!

So please let me know!
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