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For Sale/Kawaii contest!

Hello to all!
It's a brand new selling journal, starting over from scratch! <33
Please take a look around! ^_^
The link is fluffycloudsale
I am holding a kawaii contest ^_^ It doesn't cost anything to participate. I'm looking for some cute banners for my site.

People who participate can make one or more enteries for this.
Things I am looking for:
*Banners (main and sub)
And er...that's it...
Basically the reason behind this contest is because I don't have any cute graphics for my selling site and would like some. (However, I believe I am graphically challeneged -_-;;;)
They can be hand drawn and scanned in or graphically done.
I need participants though! ^^
There will be 2 winners who get a grand prize and everyone who particpates will get a surprise as well! ^^
Annd the grand prize isss...
*$20 for gift certificate my store
*Kawaii items
*And a surprise (trust me, it's liked ^_^ But I can't tell you or that would ruin the surprise, ne? ^^)

E-mail me for details

I shall post details if people actually want to participate. Thanks so much!
Other than that I don't have anymore details. T_T I'll think of some more tonight.

-I recently saw this for another user, it was for who had the kawaiiest picture. So I'm sorry if I'm using any info.! I hope not. T_T I just don't have cute graphics.-

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